Cluny Museum
(Museé de Moyenage)

In July 2004, we visited Paris. 

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The primary reason was to see  a special display at the Louvre, "Paris in 1400".    This statue was at the entrance to the exhibit.


A folding table from 1480-1500. (256kb)


Info on the table. (25kb) A close up of the underside of the table. (298kb)
A carved column (from 1500). (192kb)


Info on the column. (16kb)  
???. (218kb) Another shot.  (192kb)


Info on ???. (38kb)
A cool stained glass from 1230 showing a lap harp. (250kb)

Is this evidence for a steel guitar?


Info on the stained glass. (32kb) A 15th century beam from Val-do-Loire (196kb)


Info on the beam. (28kb) A spiral column, centre piece of a spiral staircase. (305kb)


Info on the spiral column. (48kb)
Part of an altarpiece. (222kb) Part of an altarpiece, showing Saint Martin cutting his cloak to share with the beggar. (206kb)


Part of an altarpiece showing the consecration of Saint Martin. (279kb)
Part of an altarpiece. (288kb) Part of an altarpiece showing the death of Saint Martin. (332kb) Info on the altarpiece.  (52kb)


Ivory cover of a book from Venice, from around the end of the 11th century or beginning of the 12th century. (239kb)


Info on the ivory book binding.  (50kb) A stone corbel.  (144kb)
Two different moulds for casting. (181kb) Weights of a quarter pound, a pound, 1/8 pound, and half pound. (200kb)


A brooch with a lion/chimera on it. (141kb)
Info on the lion brooch. (17kb)


A tapestry showing wine making. (201kb)


A wooden comb (with mirrors) from 1500. (222kb)
Info on the first comb (with mirrors) (14kb)


Another wooden comb. (176kb) Info on the 2nd comb. (14kb)
Two seals, from 1400 and 1333. (201kb) Some really cool candlesticks, with an info card on these three and the next three. (161kb)


The next three candlesticks. (146kb)
A clasp from the beginning of the 13th century (172kb)


The end of really cool 14th century belt. (148kb)


A shot showing more of the 14th century belt, including the buckle. (185kb)
A shot of the top/middle of the first 14th century belt. (125kb) An angled shot of the first belt.  (173kb) An info sign on the two belts saying they are from the first half of the 14th century. (25kb)


A shot of the 2nd 14th century belt. (192kb) A picture of two more belts, from the 15th century, and 14th-15th century. (156kb)


A carved mirror case from the 1st half of the 14th century. (195kb)
A misericord, with a keg on a wheelbarrow.  (126kb) Another cool misericord showing a keg being tapped. (182kb) A 1410-1420 illumination of God thd Father, from the breviary of Gérard de Montaign. (281kb)


A really neat door knocker. (181kb) Info on the door knocker.  (16kb)


A pig face bascinet. (187kb)
Info sign on the bascinet. (11kb)


A chain shirt.  (252kb) A really neat 14th century dagger, and three sword pommels. (151kb)

After leaving the Cluny, we stopped the Design Museum to see the couple of neat things they had.


A chest. (155kb)


A 14th century stool. (159kb) A bed. (240kb)

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