The Louvre
and "Paris in 1400"

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The primary reason (for visiting Paris) was to see  a special display at the Louvre, "Paris in 1400".    This statue was at the entrance to the exhibit.


A statue of Isabeau de Bavière. The original statue was carved between 1389 and 1393. (246kb)


A closeup of the plaque belt.  (195kb) Details of the statue. (29kb)
Info on the purpose of the exhibit.  (72kb) A closeup of the hair covering and coronet. (186kb)


We weren't allowed to take pictures in the special display, but were allowed to take pictures in the remainder of the Louvre.


The foundations of some fortress inside the Louvre. (140kb) Another shot, time exposure without flash.  (183kb)


Debbie inside some medieval part of the fortress. (177kb)
Debbie and Peter in the old part of the castle.  (126kb) Another shot.  (169kb) Front of a pelican seal, 1395-1455 (98kb)


A flash shot of the pelican seal. (136kb) A 15th century chest from Noyer. (226kb)


An out of focus shot of the chest info  (16kb)
A 15th century dresser/armoire from Chêne.  (261kb) Info on the armoire. (19kb) Elephant ivory diptych, carved with scenes from the life and passion of Christ.  Made 1370-1380.   (240kb)


Info on the first diptych.  (35kb) An ivory diptych with scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin. Made 1370-1380.  (236kb)


Info on the 2nd diptych.  (26kb)
Two plaques, enameled in the Champlevé style, from the 2nd quarter of the 14th century. (162kb)


Info on the enameled plaques.  (22kb) An ivory mirror case, from the 2nd quarter of the 14th century.  (143kb)
Info on the mirror case. (22kb) Another cool ivory mirror case. (172kb)


Info on the 2nd ivory mirror case. (35kb)
Some cool candlesticks with the arms of France, Champagne, and Turenne.  From Limoges in the 13th century, enameled in teh Champlevé style. (182kb)


Info on the candlesticks. (99kb)


"Saint Louis" casket.  Painted wood, perforated and gilded copper medallions, and copper medallions in champlevé. (252kb)
Info on the "Saint Louis" Casket (41kb)


More info on the Saint Louis casket. (56kb)  
An altarpiece of Saint Denis by Henri Bellechose, 1415-1416. (276kb) A closeup of the executioner's underwear.  (245kb)


Info on the altarpiece.  (31kb)
Saint Madeline, in cool clothing, on the right hand part of a triptych by van der Weyden. (259kb)


Info on the triptych. (43kb)


The Annunciation by van der Weyden.  (148kb) Another shot from the other angle. (194kb)


A detail of the bed canopy. (207kb)
The cool detail of how the bed canopy is hung and how the curtains are hung within the canopy.  (151kb)


Detail on the Annunciation.  (32kb)  
The martyr of Saint Sebastian (showing his medieval underwear), on the left side of a triptych by Memling.  (288kb)


Info on the triptych.. (31kb)  
Info on a 4 panel painting by Beham, from 1534. (26kb) The important quarter (to me), but you can just see the edges of the other three quarters.  (256kb)


More detail of the tents in this quarter. (180kb)
Notice the ropes that are shown, do not give the tents their shape.  (227kb)


Detail on this particular quarter.  (37kb)  
Triptych showing the Adoration of the Magi, the Presentation at the Temple, and the Appearance of Christ to Mary. (277kb) Detail showing shoes and patens.  (169kb) Info on the triptych. (28kb)

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