Tour of the Bavarian Army museum in Ingolstadt

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Some friends visited in October 2003 and we went to the Bavarian Army museum in Ingolstadt, Germany
Tent of the Grand Vizier Suleimann, taken by Bavarian troops at Mohacs in 1687. (82kb)


Another shot of the tent, showing the door folded back, a window flap up, and some of the interior..(190kb) A shot of just the wall panel with the window flap pulled up. (157kb)
A close up of the window flap and "window".  You can see the toggles and toggle loops for the flap. (191kb)


A close-up of the door.   (152kb)


The pole on the right side of the door, showing the "threshold" strip across the bottom of teh door..(152kb)
A shot of the interior, showing a wall panel that has a window (with the flap down). (171kb) Another interior shot showing the bottom of the wall panels and how each wall panel could be opened if desired.(156kb)


A wider shot of the interior. (130kb)
A very poor shot (due to dim lighting and no tripod) of the center pole and underside of the roof. (64kb)


A shot of the tent roof. (93kb) A shot working around the tent to the left.  You can just see the raised window flap on the right. (174kb)
Continuing to work around the tent.  One of the back windown flaps.  (129kb) The "back" of the tent, meaning two wall panels side-by-side with no window panels.  (163kb) Blurry info picture in the museum guidbook. (31kb) 


A bascinet from the end of the 14th century (48kb) Another angle of the bascinet (44kb)


The info on the bascinet. (13kb)
15th century bolts (42kb) A 14th century quiver for bolts. (47kb)




Two shields.  The left is from the end of the 15th century, and the right from the 16th century. (49kb) Info on the shields.  The bottom two pieces of info are the relevant parts. (12kb)