Visit to the National Museum in Nürnberg 

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Two different pairs of friends visited in October 2003 and we went to Nürnberg. 


(264kb) (144kb)
A painting from 1450 (203kb) Some detail of the painting, especially the hosen with leather soles (296kb)


Info on the 1450 painting.(12kb)
Above and below - parts of an altar panel (156kb) Detail showing the folding chair above and shoes below (197kb) Info on the altar panel
Armor guards the stairs

( 167kb)

( 190kb)

An Annunciation scene (126kb) Shoes detail of the Annunciation.( 203kb) Info on the Annuncation (25kb)



The front of a chest from 1400 (132kb) Info on the chest front (42kb)


A 1529 chest (149kb) Another angle (133kb) Info on the chest. (26kb)




A bascinet (hundsgugle) (200kb) Info on the bascinet. (27kb)


A comb. (145kb)
A crown (232kb) Another angle. (254kb) Info on the crown. (132kb)


A Crucifixion painting (233kb) Underwear detail (165kb) Info on the Cruxificion painting (22kb)


Another Crucifixion painting (217kb) Detail of different underwear (171kb) Info on the Crucifixion painting (41kb)


A flip-back settle (81kb) Another angle (64kb) Still another (137kb)


A better shot of the side (106kb) Detail of the flip portion (22kb) A better view of the front. (23kb)


The other side of the front. (22kb) An oblique angle (25kb) Info on the settle. (50kb)





A leather chest (158kb) Info on the chest (53kb) A leather flask. (48kb)


Another view. (61kb) Straight on view. (161kb) Info on the leather flask (34kb)


A Lyversberger painting. (173kb) Detail showing the plaque belt (297kb)


Info on the Lyversberger painting.(22kb)


A Chest of Pear Wood. (168kb)


A chest from Tirol (167kb) Another view. (299kb)
A TegernSee painting (228kb) Detail showing the underwear. (308kb) Info on the painting. (21kb)


A tourney harness (163kb)


Info on the harness (99kb)
A carving showign an interesting plaque belt More plaque belt detail.