Hamptonne Farm, Jersey

In May 2005, we visited the Isle of Jersey and went to the 16th century Hamptonne Farm.

Please CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL to see the larger pictures. The number in ( ) tells the size of the large picture.

The back of the 16th century Hamptonne Farm house. (160kb)


Another shot of the back of the Hamptonne Farm manor house. (141kb) The 17th century stone crushing trough and crushing wheels for cider making.  (93kb)


The cider press. (96kb) A picture (of a picture) of the press in action.  (127kb)


Another angle of the press. (190kb)
The back side of the press.  You can see the spout for the juice to run out (and the edge of the wooden tub to catch the juice) on the outside of the lower left rail.  (106kb)


Another shot of the back side of the press. (110kb)


Deb with a calf.  (292kb)


The front of the 16th century manor house.  (130kb) Another angle of the manor house. (149kb)


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