Rome and Ostia Antica

9 July: In the morning, a guided tour of ancient and medieval Rome, including ancient Roman ruins, and medieval to Renaissance basilicas and palaces. 

Tarythe in Rome (187kb) More Rome ruins (205kb) Rome (180kb)
??? (35kb) ??? monument (194kb) Debbie in front of Fontana di Trevi (238kb)

In the afternoon, an excursion to tour the ruins of Ostia Antica, once the seaport of Rome and often noted as being a better example of how the Roman Empire lived and worked than Pompeii is. 

Fortress in Ostia Antica (209kb) Ceiling in the church beside the fortress (144kb) Inside the church (117kb)
Inside the church (84kb) The fortress (230kb) Tile floor in Ostia (221kb)
Tile floor (236kb) Ostia (200kb) Ostia (170kb)

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