Jet-skiing in Qatar

When our return flight was delayed after a conference in Qatar, Jim Ball and I were able to go jet-skiing. 

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We started out on a traditional "Dhow' boat, towing a ski boat and a couple of jet-skis.  The Vorpal Bunny had to make sure they were back there.. (252kb)


He then wanted to drive the boat, so he took a turn at the wheel...
As soon as we stopped and got safety buoys deployed, Peter wanted to be first to jet-ski.
Out having fun!


(176kb) (156kb)


It was really enjoyable.




We each had about 8 minutes or so, and then had to allow someone else to have a turn.


Jim Ball was next on one of the jet-skis

Away he goes.




You could get the jet-skis up to about 60 km/hr across the water.




Time to come in.



Because not everyone wanted to jet-ski, and after going once some didn't want to go again, I got several chances.  The yellow one was a little small but much more responsive.  It was great fun.

Peter out on the yellow jet-ski



We had to jet-ski well out beyond the safety buoys.
We spent 3 hours or so before stopping for some barbecue lunch, and then another hour of water sports.  Then it was time to go back.
Heading back into the harbor, you can see that I got a lot of sun.
(159kb) I was pretty tired. 
Jim Ball. 
Another shot of Jim, but using a "fill-in" flash so his face wasn't in so much shadow.


Me, with a fill-in flash.
A shot of the national mosque, from across the harbor.

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