R&R in Qatar

These are the adventures of the Vorpal Bunny during my 4-day pass in Qatar. 

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The Vorpal Bunny flew down to Qatar in the cockpit of a C-17.  (190kb) In Doha, the King of Qatar greets you from the side of a building. (116kb)


A traditional "Dhow" fishing boat.
The renowned arch of swords identifying the "State of Qatar" (225kb) the right side...


and the left...
Looking across the bay, from one part of Doha to the other. (220kb) The Vorpal bunny wanted to look...


A view of the national mosque from out on the strand. (144kb)
A closer shot of the national mosque.
The presidential palace. 


The back entrance to the presidential palace. (164kb)

On one of the days, I was able to go on a "cultural tour" of Doha.

We started at the camel market. 
I don't think the Vorpal Bunny like it very much.


Some of the herders were cleaning their animals. (257kb)
Others were bringing them in, in the back of their pickup trucks. (210kb) And then unloading them...
From the camel market, we moved on to the other markets...
Starting with the fish market.  Check out those barracudas... (216kb) All kinds of fish everywhere. 


The outside of the fruit and vegetable market. (203kb)
Some ladies putting on their burkhas before going into the market. (237kb) The Vorpal Bunny checking out the market.


A neat store we went shopping in.
Next was a market with fish jerky, shark jerky, and all kinds of plants, pots, and other outdoor stuff.   Here is a fish, opened up and made into jerky.


The Vorpal Bunny checking out the bags of fish jerky.

Next was the old "souqs", or the old market.   Except the "man dresses" and the black burkhas, It looked a lot like old town Santa Fe.

The entrance to the market.
Walking the market streets.
Qatari locals, out shopping.
Not all the streets of the market are out in the sunshine.
The Vorpal Bunny found a model of a Qatar "Dhow" boat.
The Vorpal Bunny and me, 
The Vorpal Bunny found a kitty cat walking the streets of the market.


There was a falconry center...
... which the Vorpal Bunny had to check out.
Another shot of Qatar locals, haggling over prices.
Men and women out in their native dress.
One of the many mosques in the area.
The Vorpal Bunny had to check out the jewelry, especially the pearls.
He wasn't sure these pearls were high enough quality.  You can tell by the look on his face that these were freshwater pearls...
To a restaurant for lunch.
The nice spread they had laid out.
The Vorpal bunny ready to share his lunch with me.



A drive around town showed us some of the various local sites,

The first stop was at a local hooka-pipe shop...
... so some of the guys could try spiced tobacco and a water pipe.


Big perfume bottles in the middle of a roundabout.
The "Corniche" monument to clams and their pearls.
The Vorpal Bunny at the corniche.


Both of us.
The Arabian Coffee Pot
The Marriott Hotel
The Vorpal Bunny and me at the pool.

Our last stop was a big 4-storey shopping mall. 


A neat looking high rise building across the street from the mall.

The view over the ice rink.
The Vorpal Bunny watching a hockey game at the mall.


The mall had a neat waterfall/foutain with a walk-over bridge. 

The Vorpal Bunny and me on the bridge.
The Vorpal Bunny thought the waterfall was pretty cool.


Some different shots with the waterfall.
(240kb) (306kb) (231kb)
At last it was time to eat some dinner.
The Vorpal Bunny had to protect me from the guys in man-dresses in the background.



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