Christmas in LSA Anaconda

Christmas Day was pretty good. I went to a midnight church service in the "Thunderdome" which is a hangar on the airfield. A battalion chaplain was holding a service I wanted to attend, so that was pretty cool.

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First, here are the decorations in my room.

The tree in my room, early in Advent. (197kb) My Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (although I still have a few Advent gifts to open. (172kb)


The train set I got in Advent. (194kb)

A closeup of Santa's Express. (230kb)



On Christmas morning I went to a Eucharist service, and then reported to the DFAC our battalion sponsors so I could spend a couple hours serving.

The DFAC was all decked out with very fancy displays. It seems like they must have made and used about 100 gallons of frosting because they had bibles, churches, reindeer, Santa Claus, and all sorts of things made and decorated with colored frosting.

The entrance from the washroom into the Dining Facility. (226kb)


Part of the entrance foyer. (265kb) Looking into the serving area. (245kb)
One of the fancy displays with a manger scene. (275kb)

A closeup of the manger scene, all covered with frosting. (194kb)

The other side of the fancy display.  Very elaborate. (265kb)


Even Santa was present for dinner! (221kb) The fancy display in the dining room. (243kb) Every table had a nice sculptured ice swan to hold the fruit. (163kb)


Command Sergeant Major Smith (left) and LTC Brindley, the battalion commander, help serve dinner. (234kb)


LTC Brindley watches as I hand out a plate I have dished up. (235kb) Another shot. (239kb)
  Enjoying myself behind the counter. (187kb)  

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