Pies in the Face

In December 2006, the 4th CMMC wanted to raise money for the battalion Christmas party.  So some NCOs got most of the battalion together for a "Pie in the Face" contest. They mixed up some whipped cream, sugar, and Crisco goop and put it into pie trays.

Anyone could "nominate" someone else that they wanted to give a pie in the face to, and bid an amount of money they would pay to do that. The nominee could up the bid.  The bidding continued until one side quit.  The losing side got the pie in the face.

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LTC Brindley couldn't afford to bid for all the staff so he put cards in my hat with a name on each one. He also added a "wild card" with all their names on it.  What they didn't know was that there was already a wild card hidden in my hat which he could find and pull out.

The battalion commander draws a name of the staff member he wants to pie...(140kb)


He got the "wild card" and gets to pie all three staff members. (256kb) Are they a trio or what? All three with their legs crossed the same... (298kb)
LTC Brindley is ready to go!  (280kb) The S-3 is the first one!  (171kb)


Oh, get it in the ears of the S-3.  (205kb)
Just finished the S-4, while the S-1 spikes the S-3's hair. (243kb)


All three.  (274kb) A job well done! (263kb)

Everything was fine until LTC Brindley started blabbing and the S-4 overheard him give away the secret.  Now the staff wanted revenge!

The bidding begins... (289kb)  Is the price high enough?  Should we just take the pies? (48kb)


Ok, you can pay. (313kb)
The staff ready for revenge! (152kb) That must be really cold in LTC Brindley's ear...  (339kb)


Mmm!  I am enjoying this.  (268kb)
 Rub it in good.  (321kb)


 Wait, let me spike my hair! (338kb)


 A couple of fun-loving LTCs. (282kb)

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