Towie Barclay castle, Scotland

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We spent the night in Edinburgh and snapped a couple of photos on the way out of town.  From Edinburgh, we drove north to see the Towie Barclay castle.  Towie Barclay is the ancestral lands and castle of clan Barclay.  
Frontal view of Towie Barclay castle (56kb) View of the Towie Barclay gardens Tarythe standing by an outbuilding in the castle gardens Towie Barclay outbuildings
The side of Towie Barclay (95kb) Oblique view from down in the cluster of outbuildings Tarythe in the doorway of Towie Barclay castle Upon entering Towie Barclay, this crest is in the ceiling of the foyer.
Armor guards the stairs Foot of the stairs
When you enter and turn left, you look down a hall that ends in stairs leading to the second floor. Some of the displays in the hall. A nice set of armour guards the stairs (33kb) Another shot at the bottom of the stairs. (39kb)
Walking up the stairs, you see this beautiful stained glass window with the Barclay coat of arms. The "Grand Hall" of Towie Barclay, currently in use as Marc Ellington's study One of the crests in the ceiling of the grand hall, showing the union of Barclay and ???
A 16th century chair in the grand hall Frontal view of the 16th century chair The hutch in the background displays a date 1642 carved into.