Penshurst, Chiddingstone, and Hever Castles

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We went to Penshurt Palace on Wednesday. It was a private museum so they wouldn't let me take any photos (darn it), but it was pretty cool. We also took a tour of Hever Castle and Chiddingstone Castle. (also private museums so no photos of the inside...)

penshurst palace

A view of Penshurst from outside the gates


A closer picture of Chiddingstone

Hever Castle

Wheatsheaf pub

Hever Castle

We stopped at the Wheatsheaf pub for lunch


On the way home, we stopped at a little church called St. Andrews,Greensted.  It is the last surviving wooden Saxon church.  

Greensted church

Greensted church

The information plaque about St. Andrew's Church, Greensted.

St. Andrew's Church, Greensted.  In the large photo, you can see the tree trunks that make up the walls.

Greensted church

Greensted church

The stained glass in the chancel of Greensted.

The 13th century crusader grave.