Museum of London

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We spent several hours in the Museum of London.  Tarythe was really enjoying the section on Roman London, while Peter spent his time in the medieval London section.  
Ceramic jugs (78kb) Information on the Pottery (194kb) Seal of Brewer's Company (84kb)
Information on ceramic jugs in photo above (47kb) Information on Pottery in photo above (26kb) Info on Brewer's Company seal (72kb)
14th century jug (103kb) Pilgrim badges (148kb) 16th century oak panel chest (168kb)
Information on 14th century jug (33kb) Information on pilgrim badges (112kb) Information on panel chest (39kb)
Oblique view of chest (176 kb) Closeup of top right (169kb) Closeup of left stile (144kb)
Closeup of top left stile. (145kb) Closeup of the center panel (167kb) Center of the top of the chest (153kb)