Barnard Castle, Bowes, and Egglestone Abbey

In August 2005, we toured Durham County (and a little in Tyne & Wear).

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

Information on Barnard Castle. (218kb) A view of Barnard Castle across the open field. (135kb)


A different view of the remains. (176kb)
A view from across the second moat, looking at the remains. (172kb)


A close up of the tower. (388kb) Debbie up in the tower. (308kb)
 A view from the oriole window in the remains of the great hall. (174kb) The outer entrance gate to Barnard Castle. (238kb) A view of the remains from outside and across the river.  You can see the oriole window next to the round tower. (173kb)


A view from across the river. (175kb)



From Barnard Castle, we stopped in Bowes, which was having an open house in their museum. 

A dress Debbie wanted pictures of. (175kb) Dress details. (163kb) (149kb)
(164kb) Info on the dress. (178kb) (357kb)
(251kb) The full dress. (240kb) (52kb)
A close up of the Brancepeth Ring. (145kb)


Info on the Brancepeth Ring. (260kb)  

We then went to see Bowes Castle.

The remains of the keep, built around 1175. (208kb)


Information on the keep. (202kb) Debbie in the keep. (313kb)

Lastly, we stopped to see Egglesone Abbey.

A view of the church remains, from the southwest. (225kb)


Another view from the southwest, but looking more easterly towards the chancel/choir. (220kb) An information panel on the abbey. (176kb)
A view inside the church looking from the nave towards the altar. (287kb) Stone vaulting. (333kb) Peter, in the cloister. (295kb)
A view of one of the nifty corbels supporting the arch over a window in the nave. (255kb) Another human head corbel. (205kb) The back end of the nave. (256kb)

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