In August 2005, we toured Durham County (and a little in Tyne & Wear).

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The original keep of Durham castle. (155kb) A closer shot. (213kb) Durham castle has medieval heraldry all over it.  Here is one of the windows. (153kb)


The arms over the main entrance. (197kb) The main hall of Durham Castle. (199kb) Peter, in the courtyard with the entrance gate in the background. (246kb)


A couple of neat roof bosses in the Durham Cathedral cloister. (90kb)


Another shot.(62kb) I thought this frog boss was really cool! (68kb)
A closer shot of the frog. (65kb) A neat boss with a fleur-de-lis. (68kb) Hard to see, but there is face in this boss. (69kb)
Another shot of the face. (33kb) Some neat heraldry with frets. (34kb) Another neat boss with a face. (37kb)

From Durham, we drove north to Aydon Castle.

An information panel on Aydon Castle. (180kb) Debbie, in front of the castle. (196kb) Inside the inner courtyard, showing the steps up to the medieval hall. (219kb)


The walkway around the inner courtyard, and the chapel. (290kb) A model of Aydon Castle. (216kb) Another view of the model. (280kb)
A lower, angled view of the model. (235kb) The back side of the castle, showing the really cool chimney and chimney cap. (311kb) The chimney from the other angle. (318kb)
The castle as seen from the graveyard on the back side. (175kb)    

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