May Day trip to Devon and Cornwall

These are the three castles in Devon.

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First, we visited Dartmouth castle. This brilliantly positioned defensive castle juts out into the narrow entrance to the Dart Estuary, with the sea lapping at its foot. Begun in the late 14th century, the castle was intended to protect the warehouses and homes of Dartmouth’s merchants. It was one of the earliest castles built with the prospect of artillery attack in mind. 
A view of Dartmouth Castle and looking into the mouth of the River Dart. (102kb)


On top of one of the towers of Dartmouth castle looking into Dartmouth Harbor (106kb)
From Dartmouth, we moved on to Totnes castle.  One of the best-preserved Norman shell keeps, this motte and bailey castle offers splendid views over the River Dart.
Totnes is a motte and bailey castle.  I am standing at the bottom of the motte..(267kb)


A shot looking up at the keep. (176kb)


Inside the keep, looking down from the walls.(206kb)
Another shot of the grounds (185kb) Peter having just come down from the walls. (358kb)


From Totnes, we drove to Berry Pomeroy castle, a romantic ruined castle is situated in a picturesque Devon valley and steeped in local folklore and legend. The gatehouse and defensive curtain wall date from the late 15th century and behind them are the remains of an Elizabethan country house built C.1560-1600 by the Seymour family. Edward Seymour, first Duke of Somerset – also known as the uncle and governor of the boy-king, Edward VI – acquired the castle in 1547.  At the castle, the "Plantagent Company" was putting on a show...
The Earl Marshal is explaining the rules of the tournament to the fighters.  (161kb)


Two knights about to fight (147kb) And now they are going at it!  (144kb)
A knight is knocked down by his oppent... (143kb)


However, he is not defeated so they fight some more. (138kb) A shot of the tournament from one of the towers (171kb)


A model of Berry Pomeroy at its glory...more mansion/palace than castle (97kb)


Folks talking after the tournament. (216kb)

More talking.  (202kb)

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