Carisbrooke Castle

In August 2005, I went to Carisbrook Castle on the Isle of Wight for a Knight's Tournament.  Here is a tour of Carisbrooke Castle. 

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The entrance to Carisbrooke Castle. (195kb) Inside the walls, the outer bailey. (245kb) Some of the castle buildings inside the grounds. (215kb)


From the top of the wall, looking past the gatehouse and walled entrance. (257kb)


From the walls a view of the castle buildings. (398kb) Again from the walls, a view of the grounds inside the castle. (229kb)
The castle well is 161 feet deep, so they began using a donkey in the 16th century to turn the great wheel and draw up water. (179kb)


Here a modern donkey re-enacts the work required. (215kb) It takes the donkey some time, but in about 5 minutes the bucket of water is raised to the top. (197kb)
The donkey, Jenny, is cared for by English Heritage. (168kb)


Jenny only hangs out here during exhibition time. (183kb) Inside the castle  museum is a model of the castle.  Here you can see the grounds and the original keep on the mound. (176kb)
A medieval jug found during excavations in teh castle. (184kb) Another shot without the flash. (172kb) A 13th century French (Gascony) wine jug found at Carisbrooke. (216kb)


Some medieval buckles found at Carisbrooke. (159kb) Some medieval arrow heads.(195kb) A neat model of the castle, showing the entrance gate, the outer walls, and the tourney field (on the right side). (145kb)


Another view of the castle model. (192kb) The steps up the to the keep. (394kb)


The view towards the southwest from the top of the keep. (116kb)


A view of the tourney field from the top of the keep. (176kb) Another view of the tourney field, from a slightly different angle. (169kb)


A view of the back gate leading out to the tourney field. (133kb)
Looking across the top of the keep. (203kb) A view (southeast) of the castle grounds from the top of the keep. (241kb)


A view (south) of the castle buildings from the top of the keep. (179kb)
John Sawyer in the entrance to the keep (496kb) A little closer shot of John. (492kb)


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