Cantillon Brewery - Dec 2004

In Dec 2004, while working in Brussels, I visited the Cantillon Brewery, which brews lambic beers following the centuries old lambic tradition of allowing spontaneous fermentation to occur through natural yeasts in the air and in the brewhouse. 

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The front of the Cantillon Brewery. (102kb) The mash tun, where the crushed malted barley is steeped in water to extract the sugars. (156kb)


A brewery worker shoveling out spent barley. (225kb)
The brew kettle, where the barley sugar water is boiled to reduce some of the water, and to extract flavors from the hops. (139kb)


Looking inside the kettle. (135kb) Going upstairs, we find the barley stored on the top floor, under the eaves of the roof. (143kb)
Here we see an open top fermentation vessel.  Here you can see the open shutters on the far side, which allows the natural airborne yeast to ferment the beer. (146kb)


Another shot of the open fermenter and open shutters beyond. (132kb) Some of the barrels in the storage room. (164kb)
More barrels, stacked and aging until the beer mellows to the right flavor.  (134kb) Another shot showing the natural (unclean) state of the brewery (146kb) Here you can reallly see the spider webs around the barrels.  They don't kill spiders in the brewery because spiders take care of flies and other flying bugs that could spoil the beer. (147kb)


Another shot of more of the barrel warehouse. (262kb) (128kb) Stacks of beer, in the bottles, waiting to be labeled and put into cases.  The brewery only labels and boxes what is needed for the next day. (210kb)


The little cantina in the brewery, where you can have a drink of their fine beer. (91kb)    

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