University of Atlantia Baron Terafan Greydragon
1 June A.S.XXXI Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for VA


Seneschal's Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Other topics

- Attributes of a good Seneschal
- Tips to suceed as a Seneschal
- Mailing labels (or How to run a polling)


Legal Representative of the Group

Group Health & Welfare

Coordination and Support of all other group officers


Atlantian Law - When an office is vacant, the seneschal of the group is responsible for filing any reports required the missing officer.

Attending Curia Regis


Relationship w/ Barons & Baronesses (if applicable)

Warrants and Replacements

Exchequer Duties (by default)


Attributes of good Seneschals


Kingdom Structure


Tips to suceed as a Seneschal

Mailing labels (or how to run a polling)

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