Break-down Lance Racks

In the last few years, jousting has begun to have a significant presence at many SCA equestrian events. Event stewards and marshals want to make the joust a nice showcase activity at events.

A lance rack that will hold 5 or 6 lances not only showcases the weapons used in the joust, but also helps ground crew organize lances for the current jouster and the jouster next up because the lances are standing up, ready for use, and easy to grab.

I have developed a lance rack that comes apart and breaks down flat for easy transport. The lance racks are very sturdy, are easy to set up, and can be made with very basic tools.

Each of the thumbnails below is a link to the larger image. 


  • 2 1 x 4 x 6 boards (pine, oak, or poplar)
  • 3 1 x 4 x 8 boards (same as above)
  • 72 - x trim board
  • 2 ft - dowel

A lance rack with a variety of lances and spears

Drawings of the three horizontal boards. (64kb) The legs and side supports, along with a side view. (70kb)

Download the Powerpoint 2013 file or the PDF file of these drawings here.


A front view and top view of the pieces. (36kb)
Detail on marking the top holes, the side braces, and the side brace holes. (49kb)   The rack holding a variety of lances and equestrian equipment. (186kb)


Another shot. (198kb)
The empty rack. (200kb) A side view of the empty rack. (197kb) A close up of the base, showing the individual sockets to hold the base of each lance or spear. (143kb)

You can also see the "spacer block" in this picture.


A close up of the pin in the side at the top. (142kb) The various pieces of the rack. (142kb)


Another shot. (165kb)

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