Hastilude at the Hollow IV

Thursday, 1 Sep - Monday, 5 Sep 2016

Cattail Hollow Ranch, 1586 Ridge Road, Raphine, VA 24472 

hastilude: has·ti·lude   (noun)   a medieval joust : spear play

Come, bring your horses and do all things equestrian for four days! Beginning on Thursday, 1 Sep, and running through Monday, 5 September 2016. The Hastilude will include an equestrian challenge course, mounted archery, mounted combat training, SCA foam jousting and wooden lance jousting, trail rides, birjas, spear throwing, pig-sticking/tent-pegging, quintain, other games, and all the riding and equestrian practice you want.

To top it off, we will celebrate on Sunday evening with a rousing game of "Buzkashi", a fun and exciting horse game based on a game from the Steppes of Afghanistan! Follow this link to see the official SCA rules to play Buzkashi.

Take advantage of the "meal plan" and start and finish each day with a fine meal by Master Robear and then celebrate with song and story each evening around the fire ring.

IMPORTANT: In order to fully particpate in all the activities, each rider SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN complete set of equestrian games equipment that is matched to their height, weight, and strength, including:
       - pig-sticking lance
       - quintain lance
       - ring lance
       - javelin/throwing spear
       - sturdy sword
       - birjas spear

Those riders who want to participate in mounted archery should bring a bow and several arrows.

Jousters should bring lances, tubes, and tips, as well as their fanciest caparisons, shields, and helm crests.


Experience SCA foam jousting and wooden lance

Shoot archery from horseback.

Compete in equestrian games.

...and many more equestrian activities!
The planned schedule is below. It may be adjusted as necessary due to weather.





0800-1500 :

Open games practice /

Mounted Archery practice

1500-1800 :

Tippet Tag

1800-2200 :

(kept warm for late arrivals)

1900-2000 :

Trail ride

0830-0930 :

Ground crew class & authorization /
Riding Authorizations

0930-1200 :

Martial Horsemanship Trial

1330-1530 :

Head-to-Head Challenge

1530-1730 :


1730-1930 :


1930-2030 :

Trail Ride
(depending on interest)

0930-1100 :

Jousters to bring their own tips

1100-1230 :

Tent Pegging

1330-1500 :

"Gambler's Choice" Equestrian Challenge Course
A *STEEL* sword (to cut cabbages) will be helpful.
We will have a couple if you need to borrow one, but it may not be your ideal sword weight.


1500-1700 :

Mounted Archery
Each rider should have a bow and at least 6 arrows

1900-2030 :

Buzkashi !!

0800-1200 :

Open games practice /
Mounted Archery

         1300 :

Site closes


Cattail Hollow ranch is equestrian oriented, with acres of open pasture:

  • 9 stalls available in two barns
  • hot/cold wash rack
  • a covered riding ring
  • a fence-enclosed outdoor riding arena
  • horse trailer parking
  • plenty of pasture space available for riding and camping.

 Most of the facilities can be seen at the right.

The 9 stalls are available but not required to be used. Availability is on a first reserved basis. Horses may be kept in the pastures. Personal horse enclosures are encouraged. The site is wet. Pets are allowed on a leash. A hotel and truck stop are available within 2 miles. All other facilties within 10 miles.


Meals will be provided by Master Robear and incredible cooks in Chez Robear! Planned meals are 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners. Dinner Friday thru Breakfast Monday. Meal cost ($50) is for all 8 meals: Dinner-Friday, 3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, and Breakfast-Monday. The only option is all meals (or nothing). Children 13-17 pay the full meal cost. 0-12 are $0. Meal reservations must be to the autocrat by Monday, 29 Aug 2016. The only meal reservations are paid reservations.


 Event Cost   Additional cost for Meals/Feast 
Adult, Member $10.00 $50.00
Adult, Non-Member $15.00 $50.00
Youth (6-17) $ 5.00 $50.00 - (Ages 13 - 17)
$ 0.00 (Ages 6-12)
Child (0-5) $0.00 $0.00

Meal reservations must be to the autocrat by Monday, 29 Aug 2016.
The only meal reservations are paid reservations.


The List of confirmed reservations is here.

Make Checks Payable To:

SCA, Inc., Barony of Black Diamond


Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon (Peter C Barclay)
15307 Lord Culpeper Court
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Phone: (540) 480.9298
E-mail: terafan.greydragon AT gmail.com


Best route to I-81 in VA. Take exit 205 for VA 606/Raphine Road. Turn west on Route 606, towards Raphine, and immediately turn left onto Oakland Circle (towards the Pilot truckstop). Follow Oakland Circle for 1.5 miles, around a right-hand curve and then on up the hill to the stop sign. Turn left onto Ridge Road (State Route 613). Go 1/2 mile and Cattail Hollow will be on your left. 1586 Ridge Road.

Martial Horsemanship Trial:

This will be a demonstration of both skill at arms and equitation. The series of elements will include aspects of our traditional mounted martial challenges interspersed with obstacles designed to test riding skills vital to battle or tournament (and maybe a few other things thrown in just for fun).

It will be up to the rider to determine their most appropriate gait for each task encountered, and thus all levels of rider are welcome to compete. This will, however, be a time-limited course - therefore, faster gaits will complete more elements for score - and each element will be scored based on the gait at which it is completed.

Head-to-Head Challenge

Riders will navigate a course of games and obstacles, including jumps, designed to challenge both horses and riders trying to finish before their opponent. This competition will have either very little or no interaction with ground crew. All weapon changes will be up to the rider who must accomplish them on the move. Riders must bring the following equipment:
  • sword
  • ring lance
  • birjas spear
  • javelin
  • quintain lance
Riders are welcome to bring the weapons that are fitted best to them, and welcome to use metal swords. A metal sword will be an advantage in one obstacle while possibly being a detriment in another obstacle. The only allowed interaction with ground crew will be the option to hand off the quintain lance.

Each game/obstacle must be honorably attempted. For every target/obstacle missed, a standard amount of time (3 seconds) will be added to the course completion time.

This is a single elimination tournament. The rider in each match that has the fastest total time, including penalties, will advance to the next round.

Tent Pegging:

Test your speed and accuracy with this ancient cavalry sport of removing wooden tent pegs with a lance. We will be using targets placed in various arrays around the arena with different scenarios. There will be an introduction to the sport, a demonstration, practice time, and then those that want to participate at speed can do so. Practice can be done at any gait, although the final competition event will need to be done at a canter. There will be singles and doubles scenarios.

The tent pegging lance is the same as a pig sticking lance, with movements much the same as pig sticking. There will be a few lances of various lengths for use, but if you have a pig sticking lance, bring it for practice.


This is a Japanese medieval team game played with balls and long "rackets" that is similar to polocrosse.

Rackets, balls, and rules will be provided before the game.

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