Gulf Wars Equestrian Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just send an email with all my horse details to the Deputy in charge of Stable Management

Simply sending an email does not make the data useful for stall management because it may have to be manipulated several times in order to be useful. First, it must be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet or something that allows manipulation. Often this means dozens of copy-n-paste actions per email. Additionally, if there are errors or something is unclear, it results in a string of emails back and forth trying to get the data correct. By using the online database, equine owners can enter the data just once, and it will be checked on entry. It automatically goes into a database for use in stall management, camping planning, parking planning, and overall equestrian management.


Do I register if I am not bringing a horse?

Yes!   If you intend to camp in Equestrian, and will have your own tent or trailer, we need the information. We must have truck & trailer info so we can ensure we have adquate parking space, and we need tent information so we can ensure adequate space for tents (in addition to what we need for trucks and trailers.


I am not bringing a horse and am registered. Why am I not on the current roster?

The current roster is a list of the equines that currently have a reservation to attend Gulf Wars. Your camping data (camping plan, tent size, truck and trailer info, etc.) is captured and will be made available to the Deputy in charge of parking and camping. The Deputy can run the reports to see the data, but we just aren't providing a general report with all your camping data. It is not that the data is 'personal data', but no one else really needs to see it. If you check your "War Reservations" it will show whether we have your data for this year.


How early can I get on site with my horse(s)

As of 7 Jan 2017, the Equestrian marshal in charge is trying to pin that down with the Gulf Wars Autocrat. Check back here in a couple weeks for updates.


What is the process for registering for "early on"?

You must first pre-register with Equestrian, and then send a email to the EqMiC with your SCA name, your modern name, when you will arrive (early), and the SCA name and modern name of anyone riding with you. Each name should identify whether 'horse owner' or 'Eq support staff'


I don't want a stall/ I want my horses to be penned beside my tent/trailer in the camping field - do I still have to register here?

Yes! Everyone with a tent, horse pen, truck, or trailer in equestrian parking must register with equestrian so that the Deputy in charge of Equestrian Parking can plan adequate space for everyone's needs. This is especially important for everyone planning to set up a tent, or stable their horse in equestrian parking.


How close to War can I make changes in this database?

Although the database is available year round, the Equestrian staff will pull the last reports from the database approximately 5 March. Anything submitted after 5 March will entered into the database for the next year!


How do I request a specific camping space/access to electricity/...?

On the truck/trailer/camping page, enter your request in the box "Any other information the GW Equestrian staff should know"


How do I request a specific stall?

On your horse information page, enter the request in the box Special Needs


What is the hay/shavings ordering process?

Hay is being handled by the Deputy EqMiC. Send an email to the deputy indicating specifically how many square bales you want for Gulf Wars. There are only 100 bales available for purchase through the deputy. After those are spoken for, you will need to call Lumberton Hardware & Farm Supply and order it. If you reserve hay through the Deputy EqMiC, you will need to pay for it whether you attend Gulf Wars or not (unless the deputy can find someone who needs your bales).
Shavings can be ordered (and paid for) directly through Lumberton Hardware & Farm Supply. They are happy to deliver your shavings (and your receipt) when they deliver the hay for the war. There is probably value in letting the Deputy EqMiC know about your shavings order so that it can be tracked and set aside for you until you arrive. Details for Lumber Hardward and Farm Supply are: 787 East Main Avenue, Lumberton, MS 39455. Phone: (601)796-2035 Email:

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Equestrian staff:

EquMIC: HL Azenari Basandere / Jackie Brown

Deputy EquMIC: Mirabelis Zabaneh / Kristen Flitcroft Childress

  • Stall reservations: Doe Flynn / Stacey Renn
  • Royal Processional: Terafan Greydragon / Peter
  • Processional Breakfast: Karla Hood & Carolyn Homra
  • Parking and Camping coordinator: Lora Gerymare / Larura Lecher
  • Class Coordinator: HL Azenari Basandere / Jackie Brown
  • Hay orders: Mirabelis Zabaneh / Kristen Flitcroft Childress