Welcome to the Gulf Wars Equestrian Registration page


All Horses MUST be registered with the Deputy in charge of stable management (using the forms below) by the deadline on the main GW Equestrian page. If you are not pre-registered, you will probably not be allowed on site overnight with your horse, because we won't have a stall for you. You can however, board your horse off-site, and bring the horse on site each morning and then depart each evening.

Current Roster   A roster of those equines already registered for the upcoming Gulf Wars.
First Time Registration   First Time registration for Owners and their Equines. Will create your login for all future registrations.
Returning Registrations   For everyone who has login credentials from previous Gulf War equestrian registration. Used to update your personal registration information, register your horses for the upcoming Gulf War, add/change/delete the horses you have registered for a given year, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions   This FAQ is meant to answer some of the more common questions about the Horse Registration for Gulf Wars
Manage Stalls   This is for the Deputy in Charge of Stall Management to update stall assignments.

Equestrian staff:

EquMIC: HL Azenari Basandere / Jackie Brown

Deputy EquMIC: Mirabelis Zabaneh / Kristen Flitcroft Childress

  • Stall reservations: Doe Flynn / Stacey Renn
  • Royal Processional: Terafan Greydragon / Peter Barclay
  • Processional Breakfast:Karla Hood & Carolyn Homra
  • Parking and Camping coordinator: Lora Greymare / Laura Lecher
  • Class Coordinator: HL Azenari Basandere / Jackie Brown
  • Hay orders: Mirabelis Zabaneh / Kristen Flitcroft Childress