Plans for a very simple table
that packs flat


I have no clue how period this type of table is, but it is very useful, easy to transport, and when covered by a nice tablecloth, works very  well in camp.

The table is basically two pieces of plywood each cut with an interlocking slot, so they fit together in a cross.  Then another piece of plywood is   placed on top.  The top is held in place by "cleats" that hold it to the four edges of the cross. 

tablelegs.gif (5296 bytes)

The legs can be as fancy or simple as you want.  They are shown very simple here, just for illustration purposes.  The only important thing is the slot.  The slot is as wide as the plywood is thick.   The other dimensions (size of top and height) are up to you.  

tabletop.gif (6071 bytes)

The top can be round, square or any other shape.  The only important thing is to attach little pieces of wood to act as 'cleats' to prevent the top from shifting around on the legs.  Here is a drawing of how to cut the table out of a 4x8 sheet of plywood.

I don't currently have any photos of my tables, but will take some soon.  You can download the PowerPoint97 file with the drawings here.

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