Medieval Chests in the l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum in Strasbourg, France.

During Christmas 00, several us went to Strasbourg, France and discovered this great museum with lots of chests, and a folding chair, all from the Alsace region.  


This is a 14th century chest from the Saint Thomas church in Strasbourg.   It has strap hinges and decorations made from iron forge work.  My daughter is standing in the background of the picture, which shows the chest about 42" high.  



This 13th century chest is from the Alsace region.  It also has strap hinges and decoration from iron forge work.




This 14th century oak chest with iron forge work is from the province of Riquewihr, on the upper Rhine.  (62kb)




A 15th century chest from Stasbourg built with a decorative facing over the main chest.  You can see the iron strapwork sticking out from behind the front face decoration.  In the upper left photo, you can see the iron strapwork on the side of the chest and going behind the decorative facing.  




A 14th century chest bound with iron forge work from the Alsace region. (89kb) This fascinating strongbox has three different locks on it, and even the underside of the lid has an iron plate.  


The very typical flip-up-and-stop handle. (89kb) This (not very good) picture, shows the locking hasp, the pull-loop to open it, and the keyhole.  The lock hasp has a "modern briefcase" style catch on the underside.
Here you can see the thickness of the boards, as seen in the dovetails, and (in the big picture) you can just see the iron plate on the underside of the lid.  



A 15th century folding chair from Switzerland and northern Italy.  Made from beech. (37kb)


Same chair.


These two detail shots show that only the two outer slats are pinned into the backboard.


These two detail shots show the hinge pin in the center of the seat and the hinge pins on the front and back.


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