These lanterns were created by Master Dafydd and Master Terafan based on a design of Master Dafydd's.  

They use small liquid paraffin lamps.

The lantern as seen from the "front" although the angle doesn't really matter. From the "back" showing the small wooden rod used to raise and lower the candle/lamp for lighting Showing the lamp raised for lighting.  The lamps come out in order to be refilled.

They are fairly easy to make.  The parts list is:

The underside of the top, showing the knotted ends of the rope.

Some internal pieces.  An assembled lifting base and an example of the decorative side pieces. The lit lantern

You can download the PowerPoint file of this info here.

Construction notes:

I use small cat food cans secured to the lifting base to hold my paraffin lamps.  I have found some cans that just fit my lamps, so the lamps are secure on the base.  The options for type of lamp/candle and how to secure it are completey up to you.

For 'candles', I choose to use refillable, liquid paraffin lamps.  The liquid paraffin is much safer than lamp oil or citronella, and it delivers a clean, odor-free flame. It is classified as non-toxic (unless consumed internally) and non-flammable. It is supposed to be so safe, it even extinguishes itself if accidentally knocked over. The container stays cold, so I have no problems with things getting hot.   These cartridges can be purchased in either disposable or refillable form, in various sizes, from

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