Gothic Arch break-down chairs

This style of breakdown plywood chairs is very popular throughout the SCA.  However, many chairs of this type are very plain and don't really add much medieval flavor to an encampment or court setting.  

At Pennsic XXX, Sir Kragon of Land's End had the first set of stylish chairs I had seen, and so I took these photos of his chairs.  The quatrefoil cut-outs had been gold-leafed, but the gold was mostly worn off.

I developed a set of plans for the chairs, and made my own improvements by making a set of arm rests that are wider and more comfortable than the simple edge of the plywood.  Here are my chairs.  The photos are thumbnails of the larger images.  The gold leaf is shiny because it is very new.  The plans are below, or you can download the plans in PowerPoint (84KB).








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