6 Board chest for Bocce

I purchased a set of bocce balls, and started taking them to events.  After the  cardboard box died in the rain, I decided that I needed a real chest in a medieval fashion for their new home.  

A 6-board chest is very simple and basic.  Just like any box has six sides, the only thing different is that two sides are extended to make legs for the chest.  My box is 8 1/2 inches front to rear, 20 inches  wide (left to right), and 8 inches tall (including lid).  

6 board bocce chest

An oblique view of the 6 board chest I made for my bocce balls.


The neat thing about 6 board chests is the method in which the front and back pieces are set into a small "shelf" cut out of the sides.   You can see here that I used a teak plywood, mostly because I had scraps of it lying around.  If you use plywood, you can hide the plywood look by painting the edges black, which can give really give a striking appearance.   Side view of 6 board chest
Bottom of 6 board chest The other cool thing about 6 board chests, is that the bottom board sits in a groove that has been carved into the sides that lines up with the bottom of the "shelf".   (Very hard to tell that in this picture)
The critical piece of making this chest was that I had to make sure I had minimum width, length, and depth to hold the balls.  I built in a little extra room so I can throw other things in as well.  I often put my chess pieces in the chest with the balls.  My interior dimensions are 7 1/2 (long, front to rear) x 19 (wide) x 4 1/2 (deep) 6 board chest opened


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