A Transportable Rope Bed

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It is not so much that Terafan figured out how to make a rope bed, but one was offered as a prize for the "Bed Sports Tourney" in the Shire of Crannog Mor, Atlantia.  After winning the tourney and using the bed for a couple of years, Terafan decided that the original legs were too short, so he made new ones.  The advantage of longer legs is that now lots of stuff, transport boxes, etc. can be stored conveniently under the bed, out of the way.  


The bed consists of two side rails, a rail for both the
head and the foot, four legs, and a fancy headboard.

To make one of these beds (to fit a "double" mattress, 
you need the following materials:

  • Two 2 x 6 x 84" boards (side rails)
  • Two 2 x 6 x 60" boards (head and foot rails)
  • Two 2 x 6 x 30" boards (head end feet)
  • Two 2 x 6 x 24" boards (foot end feet)
  • One  2 x 6 x 56" board (fancy head board)
  • Two ropes approximately 72 ft long
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If you wrap the rope around the rail a couple of times before
starting to weave the rope, there will be no tension on the
knots and they won't be hard to undo when you want to
take the bed apart.

I use two separate pieces of rope.  One for the head-to-foot
weaving, and one for the side-to-side weaving.

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Here are is a drawing of the bed with dimensions.  For the original PowerPoint 97 version of the drawing, click here.  The dimensions can be modified as necessary.  If you want the bed taller, make the legs longer.   If you want it wider or narrowner to fit your air matress, then adjust the head and foot rails.  Finally, if you want a shorter or longer bed, you can adjust the side rails. 

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